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Bracknell District Urban Wildlife Group

Bracknell District Urban Wildlife Group (BDUWG) was launched in March 1989. It existed as a separate organisation until July 2013 when it was incorporated into Bracknell Forest Natural History Society.

BDUWG operated in Bracknell Forest Borough, an area subject to substantial development pressures. Despite these pressures, wild plants and animals survive and flourish in gardens, roadside verges, parks and open spaces. BDUWG was motivated by the belief that the the presence of this wildlife enhances the quality of our environment.

Over the years BDUWG have:

  • discovered what wildlife there is in the Borough, and where it is
  • pressed for recognition of its value
  • watched out for and campaigned against threats it might face

BDUWG have worked in the following ways:
  • surveyed the wildlife in the Borough
  • undertook, and advised on, practical management of open spaces for the benefit of wildlife
  • ran projects on particular plants and animals
  • held open meetings, both indoors and at outdoor sites

Over the 24 years of its existence BDUWG produced 90 Newsletters, reporting on many aspects of the wildlife in our Borough. In some fields, including dragonflies and wild orchids, BDUWG built up extensive data bases of information.

Pyramidal Orchids in Bracknell Town Centre

Pyramidal Orchids in Bracknell Town Centre, photographed by David Rowe of BDUWG