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Members of BFNHS are actively involved in ecological projects within Bracknell Forest in partnership with The Parks and Countryside Service of the Bracknell Forest Council, the Bracknell Town Council, the Research Centre at Silwood Park and other voluntary conservation groups.

We have gained grants for the improvement of local woodland by clearance of scrub, replacement with native trees and flowering plants and the installation of loggeries and birdboxes. The work also included improving public access to these 'Breathing Places' and providing information to increase public awareness of their biodiversity and importance.

We have worked with OPAL (The Open Air Laboratory) who have had various data gathering projects based at the Imperial College Research Centre, Silwood Park. Many of our members have assisted with Earthworm Surveys and Air Pollution Studies monitoring the effects of traffic pollution on local flora.

We continue to be involved with undertaking survey projects such as the Orchid Observers Project run by the Natural History Museum. The Museum is inviting nature enthusiasts and photographers to participate in the Orchid Observers Project to help better understand the effects that climate change is having on orchids in the UK.

Our partnership with the Parks and Countryside Service of Bracknell Forest Council continues to include participation in wildlife surveys, the distribution and cultivation of wildflower seed, the management of wildflower meadows and the planting of native trees, shrubs and wild flowers.

We are currently involved with the newly formed Bracknell Forest Veteran Tree Survey.

We would like to identify further sites where wildlife habitat can be improved. Please let us have your suggestions.


clearing scrub at Clinton's Hill

Clearing scrub at Clinton's Hill

Planting at Scotts Hill

Planting at Scott's Hill

Do One Thing for Nature
'Do One Thing for Nature'
- a Breathing Place Event